We want more and true democracy on the Hungary and the whole world!
So far, all systems was found out by those who wanted to reign over others. This is the first system which was created from not such intention. The direct and knowledge based democracy can be a beginning for the a real and deep political system change, what will create the conditions of the happiness for us and will be sustainable! That this can become a reality we need collect two hundred thousand Hungarian supporters on Facebook .

The officials will be draw lots from among the suitable applicants.
We vote dismissal of officials and major issues.
We exclude the power of money.
We will apply a rational debate (truth-seeking debate) system.
The voters can vote only in so the topic where they have some knowledge.

Direct and knowledge based Democracy:

The content of this website, as a whole or parts of it, can be used freely for sharing, copying, quoting etc. purposes.

Flaws and controversies in current political systems:

Indirect or representative democracy is not literally democracy. In fact it is a smart form of dictatorship because the nation is represented by a group of people (parties) who can be easily corrupted by their dependencies on campaign funds, provided by corporations and other influential economical entities, leaving them to serve the needs of the elite and not the general public that they are supposed to. And of course in time they become a part or the elite themselves. In this way the representative bodies (parties) and individuals (MP-s) are destined to become a part of the corruption machinery. So the people are divided and deceived by these parties and the privately owned media. In other words voters have no control over this sinister system. They just have the illusion that they do while the parties and through them the elite rules.

Solutions and principles of knowledge based democracy:

True democracy happens when our power of decision is not passed to the hands of corrupted politicians and greedy fat cats.

Appointing MP-s, government members and other administrative personnel:

Since being an MP does not require special skills, anyone (even you and me) could be a representative. That is why it’s pointless electing them through a costly campaign. Everyone with A levels is a potential candidate who could be appointed by draw. This can be done on general and local levels as well. These representatives, if they perform poorly, could be forced to step down with sufficient number of votes by an on-line voting system at any time. Their task would be sorting out only day-to-day matters. All the rest will require referendums. This means no election but draw and the ability of taking back authority from the MP-s.

Truly competent government:

Governmental positions could be applied by anyone having the appropriate qualifications and meeting all the additional requirements. Here again the draw system would decide who the winner is. For very important positions two individuals are required having a second opinion or control for a full consent. Members of government could be replaced at any time as well. The roles of prime minister and president will be obsolete. The secretary of state deals with all the international affairs.
Government and parliament are independent from each other. There is no majority because there are no parties. Parliament is essentially the controlling body of the government as it should be originally and obviously where all the laws are passed but this time without ANY corporate influence. Using this new Direct Democracy online platform voters can be asked by the MP-s in certain matters and they can also suggest topics to be discussed and passed as laws during meetings. Only this transparent method can root out corruption completely.

Ensuring that common sense will prevail.

For fruitful debates and decisions, common sense and honesty are essential (using Direct Democracy online platform).

Rules of online referendum:

On the parliament’s online forum issues can be brought up, MP-s can be approached and most importantly referendums can be initiated. This forum hosts also the debate required for the law making process. It also acts as a source for all vital information of the laws about to be passed. The press can be involved in this stage of course but only as single users with their opinion expressed and nothing more (no manipulated articles and debate shows). Those who have an idea start recruiting supporters here and the debate with the opposition (if here is any) starts. These idea hosts then assemble a questionnaire to filter out potential voters who haven’t followed the debate thus having no insight on the topic. Only thoroughly discussed ideas will reach the referendum phase.

For those having no computer and/or internet access yet (sooner or later everyone will) local councils must provide these facilities.

Filtering questionnaires or tests are strictly confidential so a nondisclosure agreement is required beforehand. Violating this agreement results severe punishment just like in current agreements at various companies. 

The referendum will not be confidential, however it won’t be public either. In other words when online voters log in to the system and vote, everything is registered. But only appointed bodies, civil organizations and individuals with monitoring purposes will have access to this database. With this power they can double check the results contacting the voters directly. 

The citizens can take a contact with officials and representatives only parliament's online forum. They can correspondence in matters here only transparent and public way. The other contact way with them will mean a corruption (with severe punishment).

We install the corruption probe method. So nobody knows the corruption is real or test. This is a strong deterrent effect.

Our goal is to achieve this system. No more no less.


Obviously like all systems this isn’t perfect either so constructive ideas are welcomed.

We must dissemination this idea! Share this video and website

You may initiate referenda different issues In several countries.
We will turn their weapons against them.
What we will seriously think about democracy and with respecting the rules, we begin to operate and gradually convert it real democracy!

If we introduce a real solution the our example will be globally sticky!

They can not do anything against the claim more and real democracy!!!

We will not do war, civil war or violent conflict!

We will not believe parties and leaders.

We will not give the power the economic elite or parties. Increasingly directly we, the people will exercise!

From this the technique will not be collateral damage, war, economic collapse, lack of medicines, etc, but immediately, and gradually improving all!

we will vote for the salaries of officials and Members of parlament.
We will override their  important decisions (about war, etc.), and we can remove them anytime.

We must check them (for example riches investigation) and we must unlock the secrets also etc, etc

So the politicians will be same as example a condominium representative, only an employee , and we can be the boss!

George Orwell 1984
“ Nowadays they are not fighting against one another at all.
The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects,
and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory,
but to keep the structure of society intact. "
The aim of the High is to remain where they are.
The aim of the Middle is to change places with the High.
The aim of the Low, when they have an aim --
 for it is an abiding characteristic of the Low
that they are too much crushed by drudgery to be more than intermittently conscious of anything outside their daily lives"

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